I’m Christine LuBean, an aspiring young adult author and a real-life word nerd. I’ve been crafting stories since I can remember, and when I was a teenager I discovered young adult fantasy which became my obsession. I started world building and writing my own fantasy stories, then sharing them with my friends, who only encouraged me to write more. Ever since then, I’ve been honing my craft and exploring the world of words! I have a B.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing.

When I’m not spending my time reading, writing, or thinking about reading and writing, I’m playing video games, such as Stardew Valley and Pokémon, or  knitting and crocheting when I’m in the mood.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I have two cute cats named Nyanth and Kyubey–guess the animes I took their names from–who I take a ton of pictures of, so you’ll probably get to know them pretty well as I shamelessly post them on my social media.
  • My husband and I are almost finished with building a home inside a cargo trailer, which was inspired by the tiny house movement, except ours is meant to be more stealthy.

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